Renewable energy maintenance planning software

Given the recent developments in the wind industry, and in particular the development of worldwide installed capacity of the wind farms, its reliability and availability are of great importance. These are critical and important factors for renewable energy sources, both in terms of being cost-effective and competitive with most commonly used technologies.

The main ability of our software includes:

    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Annually

Maintenance plan for all wind turbines of a wind farm.

Increased installed capacity and the development of the use of wind resources have created important concerns in various fields for realizing the objectives of maintaining assets and equipment for wind farms, as well as ensuring long life cycles.

Our developed product is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software which is also able to:

    • Reduce the direct costs of wind turbine maintenance, including costs for maintenance actions, personnel, and spare parts (providing a comparative cost report when using software outputs under normal operating conditions).
    • Reduce the indirect costs due to wind turbines interruption (Providing a comparative cost report in terms of applying the software outputs under normal operating conditions).
    • Reduce the unscheduled down time, availability and reliability increase of the wind farm (Providing a comparative report on the stoppage time in terms of using software outputs under normal operating conditions).
    • Optimal maintenance management (including optimization report relative to normal operation conditions of the units).